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A note from the pastor


Life has so many obstacles, struggles and disappointments within this generation. With so many difficulties, it is hard to find true joy, peace, hope and encouragement.

Our desire at First Baptist Church is to provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere where people can overcome these obsticles. At FBC, you will experience an intimate worship with our living Savior, time with God in prayer, an opportunity to seek personal spiritual growth, and find resources for life.

Our ministries are designed to help people encounter the living Christ and find the hope that He alone offers. We believe the Bible has real answers for real people in the real world. It is our passion to help others live a life for Christ and grow deeper and stronger in their relationship with Him. That passion is summed up best in our mission statement, "Living to know Christ and make Him known". We invite you to join us on this great journey of life and encourage you to join us for Worship and Bible studies each week as we encounter our Living Savior,

- Pastor Russ Slocum